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The first Secret Pal exchange on LJ

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Hey all. I don't know if very many of us still check this community, but I'm putting this up anyway.

Allie, yarngrrrl, just let me know that Ashley, stellie, had a bad accident and has had a couple of surgeries. Ashley's friend, Becky, posted about it here. The post was a while ago (May 4th) with a couple of edits at the end, so I don't think anyone knows for sure what's happened/is happening with Ashley, but it would be great if you all could drop a comment in her last post, here, so she'll be flooded when she comes home. I really hope she's okay. I'll pray for her, and I hope she'll be in all our thoughts.
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Here's the directions for the needles that I made for my pal _gin.  I promised that when this was all over, I'd post the instructions!

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Yup, secretpal_lj2 is up and running! Please go and read the rules on the info page, then fill out an application and request to join. :D

P.S. I posted the application post last night, but didn't screen the comments. I deleted that post and put up another one, this time with screened comments. If you commented with your application in the first post, please go and do it again. Sorry for the annoyance, I lost my brain last night. I think it's back now.

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so we all got yarn from our secret friends...this is a fact. Now that this incarnation of Secret Pal is finished, what do you think about keeping this community open and posting pics of what we made with the goodies we all got sent?
For my part, I have some pretty alpaca and some shimmery stuff that begs to be knit and showed off!
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so who else can't wait for Secret Pal 2?
I know I can't!
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And i'd just like to say a big thank you to my pal Liz (ampersandebeth) who's been an amazing pal.
I recieved some peanut butter M&M's (which i wasted no time opening... i love peanut butter!) some handmade earrings which are beautiful, a cute magnet, and a candle, and some 100% Alpaca Atacama Yarn, which i had my eye on at my LYS the last time i was there. I can't wait to make something with it Liz, it's definitely coming to Vancouver with me!
oh... and a card with a sumo wrestler on it, which made me decide to stop eating the chocolates for today. good call !

Thanks so much !
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I want to thank sarah_iam for my last Secret Pal package. It actually arrived last week, but I was up at my parents' for my little sister's graduation, so I'm finally posting today.

My packages have all been so thoughtful!

This one included an awesome Italian phrase book, because my fiance and I are going there for our honeymoon in October, a knitty sticker, beautiful postcard and photograph taken by my pal, some neat bookmarks made from movie film, and two balls of yarn, one black hemp and a gray/white Paton's classic wool.

Thanks Sarah!

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My final package showed up yesterday.

OMG! Look at all the yarn!!Collapse )

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THANK YOU so much, everyone, for filling out the poll so quickly! I think there are two or three people, judging by the numbers, who haven't done it yet, but it also seems we've lost a few people too.

Speaking of, if your pal has gone MIA, please comment here (don't email me so I can keep this all in one place). If you have not received all three packages by this time, you need to let me know so I can check with your spoiler and make sure they don't get into SPLJ2 if there's no good excuse for their disappearance. If you have gotten an email from your pal explaining why your packages were/are going to be late and are on their way, do not comment here. Be patient. I'm going to be more strict about the one-package-a-month rule next time. I'm sorry to have to do this, but probably if you don't have, say, June's package in the mail by the 7th of July, you'll be out and we'll have a "stand-by" step in to take your place. It's unfair to your spoilee and rules need to be followed so everything runs smoothly.

I'm hoping to have chosen my two co-mods by this evening. I'll email you if you're chosen. If you don't hear from me by Friday night, you weren't picked, but I'd love to keep you in mind in case we have a co-mod unable to fulfil their duties or for co-mod-ness for SPLJ3 starting in October (wow!). Thanks to everyone who sent in an application.

Update-ish: I hope to have the rules and application post on secretpal_lj2 by Tuesday the 16th, depending on how my finals and papers go. Keep an eye on it, but remember: don't request to join or leave applications until everything's ready! :)
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I was suprised to get my last package from smellen_of_troy today! It was stuffed full of all kinds of great stuff! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful gifts, I love them all. Here's my haul:
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Thanks again to Erin, bluewren, for posting up the poll so people could actually take it! Here is the post for screened comments if you have something you only want me to see. Feel free also to comment in the poll post if you'd like.

As the end of finals draws nearer, I'm getting closer to starting SPLJ2! Keep an eye out for it!

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*If you were not in SPLJ1 on LiveJournal, please do not participate in this poll, as you'll throw off my numbers.

Keep this in mind, please - COMMENTS HERE ARE OKAY, BUT THEY ARE NOT SCREENED! If you want to leave confidential comments for only the mod to see, please wait for Heather to post an entry for that purpose, send her an email privately, or go back to the earlier post which had screened comments and leave your comments there.

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I'm fairly sure this is due to pimpage of the comm, which I certainly appreciate, but for anyone who has requested to join either SPLJ1 or SPLJ2, you were not admitted. As stated in the rules, SPLJ1 ran from February to April and is now over. SPLJ2 Won't start until June and, as I've posted here, applications won't be accepted for another week or two at least. I appreciate new people wanting to join, but please read the rules thoroughly, and don't leave an application comment anywhere or request to join.

In other news, the poll I put up on GJ and linked to in my last post is STILL not working. Somehow I was able to fill it out last night, but now it's refusing to cooperate again. Thankfully, bluewren has volunteered to post it here in the comm since she has poll-posting abilities on her LJ. Could you do that sometime today or tomorrow, please? Just copy out the questions just as they are. After that's posted, I'll make another entry with a screened comments option if anyone has anything more to say. Please keep an eye out for the poll and take a few minutes to fill it out. Thanks!
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I received my last secret pal package and it was completley awesome! So much stuff for the new baby! Some great yarn to make something for it, cute stickers for scrapbooking (including both it's a girl and it's a boy stickers since we don't know yet what it is!) some nifty little angel charms, tiny baby pillows, plus some cool yarn for myself!

Thanks militarychef for being my secret pal! You've been super!

P.S. It was really nice to come home to such a wonderful package like this after having such a hectic rush of an out of town trip for my grandmothers funeral. Thanks for lifting my spirits!

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My secret pal is the sweetest!!! She always chooses a theme for her swap.

1. a craft magazine for wedding ideas since I am getting handfasted in July. 2 balls of yarn, needle holder, some cross-stitch iron ons and pattern, girly goodness, pink paper lattern and a kitty fridge magnet.

Thank you so much, I look forward to recieveing the April swap!
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WAIT! The poll mentioned below is not working for some reason. GJ is being stroppy at the moment, I'm not sure why. I'm going to wait a day or two to see if it'll get over it, or if I need to figure something else out. I'll keep you updated as to what's going on. That said, please do read the rest of the post just for general info.

I hope you're all still checking this occasionally! Since LJ won't allow free users to make polls, I created one on my GJ. You can take it even if you don't have a GreatestJournal account, and I'd like everyone who participated in this exchange to take the poll, please, so I can make SPLJ2 even better! It's only 14 questions long, and all but two are easy multiple choice. It should only take you five minutes at the most. If you have anything else to add, or wonder about something I didn't address in the poll, please leave a comment in this post, not the GJ post. All comments will be screened and seen only by me. Remember, I want to make the next session even cooler, so all input will be seriously considered.

Whatever the majority decides in the poll will be enacted for SPLJ2, so if you voted for something and it doesn't happen, or if you voted against something and it does, please keep in mind that this is pretty much a democracy and I'm going to try and please as many people as I can.

Here's the poll: What'd you think? Let me know!

Okay, I promise this is the last time I'm going to ask for co-mods. ^.^ I've only recieved one email application so far and would like one other co-mod, so if you're interested (and I know you're out there, because a couple of you posted that you were interested a while back) please go to this post and send me your application!

I've made secretpal_lj2 already, but have done nothing to the comm as of yet. The questionnaire and application posts, as well as the rules and info, should be up in another two weeks at most, and assignments will go out by June 2nd (I hope). Do not ask to join secretpal_lj2 yet! Wait til until you've submitted an application. Check this comm now and then since I'll post updates as to how the new one is going. Once the SPLJ2 community is up and running, this one will be over (but not deleted). Thanks again! :)
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I got a package from my Secret Pal yesterday.

When I opened my package, there were two perfectly wound balls of KntiPicks' Gossamer yarn in Leprechaun!!! I was soooo close to ordering this exact yarn last week (before I realized that I couldn't pay my rent, lol). I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! It's so perfect. I have already knitted nearly ten rows of Branching Out!

Thank you so much, Adrienne, you have been a great secret pal. All of your gifts were so intuitive and thoughtful. :)


My postman showed up today with ANOTHER package for meeeeeee!!!!!! My pal sent me a set of lace patterns based on garments worn by and inspired by Elizabeth I. The history behind them is so incredibly interesting. How did you know that I am totally fascinated by Elizabeth I??? You have to be a mind reader; this is just too cool. I immediately ripped out my Branching Out and cast on for the Darling Bess lace pattern. The Gossamer will be used with Darling Bess to make a cravat for my mom for Mother's Day and I am going to use the other two lace patterns for lace shawls for very special women in my life.

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This is a few days overdue, but it has been a tough week:

I got a great second-to-last package from my Secret Pal. It contained some magic stripes sock yarn in really fabulous colours. (I am now tempted to put aside my current knitting projects and knit myself some fun socks!!) The package also contained some amazing Burt Bees hand cream (beeswax and bananas!!) and the softest, most fabulous slipper/socks you have ever seen. Since it's been a rough week I immediately put them on and they are luxurious!!

Thank you Knitty Godmother. Your package came at a good time, I needed some serious cheering up.

X-posted to my LJ

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