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Live Journal Secret Pal 1

The first Secret Pal exchange on LJ

LJ's Secret Pal Community
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We are based on the series of knitting/crocheting Secret Pals on Blogspot. Consequently, we will probably be ripping off borrowing a lot of things from them, like the Rules and Questionnaire, namely from SP7. Members are assigned a Secret Pal to spoil for three months at a time. Gifts can be anything and everything including (but especially) knitting or crocheting tools and paraphernalia and yarn/fiber. Members will send at least one package and card/letter a month for each of the three months of each session to the member they are spoiling, and in turn will receive at least one package and card or letter each month from their own Pal.

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For: Knitters and Crocheters only, please.

Deadline and Dates: For this session the deadline is January 31st. Pals will be assigned by February 2nd at the latest. The session will end on April 31st.

Depending on how this first one goes, the second session will start June 1st.

Journal: Members must have a journal on LJ which they check at least once a week. The Pal assigned to spoil you must have access to your entries (which might mean not friends-locking at least the posts about/for SP) in order to find out more about you: what you like and dislike, where you live, etc, in order to send you goodies you'd actually like and want. You can post about the gifts you receive (but obviously not the ones you send as that would give you away!) either in your own journal or in this community (or both). Bragging on your Pal is certainly encouraged, but if something is taking a little while to get to you, or you're less than thrilled with your goodies, please don't post publicly about it. We don't want anyone's feelings to get hurt; the point of this comm is to have fun!

Anonymous Email: This will be used for contact between pals. Use a free email service like Yahoo or Hotmail. In the Options section, you should be able to change what shows up in people's inbox; instead of your name, type "Secret Pal" or "Knitting Fairy" or something that is not your real name or connected to your LJ name. To make sure this works, send an email from your anon. email address to the one you use normally. You'll see it just as your SP will see it. If you have problems, feel free to contact me at the address below.

If you're out of town for two weeks and won't be in contact with the person you're spoiling, or if you ordered something for them and it hasn't come in yet, or you will be "abandoning" them for a while for whatever reason, please let them know so they don't think you forgot all about them. Also, please email your SP when you receive something they've sent, and let the person you're spoiling know when you've sent something so they can be looking for it.

Minimum Amount: In the Blogspot SP7, the minimum is $50, but (and I do not mean to offend anyone, as I know we have all age ranges on LJ) LiveJournal caters to a younger crowd and the younger crowd is often in college, working a crummy job, or still living at home. Our minimum is $30 total, which averages out to just $10 a month. This is pretty do-able for most people. That includes shipping costs. Remember that in that amount you can include time spent if you knit/crochet/make them something. It's up to you and your conscience how much money you "make" per hour; be considerate. You are very welcome to spend more than $30 if you feel so inclined.

International: See the application. I'm not sure how international this could get, so mark what's appropriate in your app and I'll let you know what we can work out.

Missed Deadline: If it is past January 31st and you still want to join, email me at the address below. Maybe we have an odd number, or maybe you're not the only one that missed the deadline and we can work something out. If not, I'll keep you in mind in case someone gets kicked out or has to drop out.

Application: Follow the rules in the Application Post.

Posting: If you post any pictures at all, please post them under an lj-cut. This is done by typing <*lj-cut text="Title of Cut"*>Text and pictures<*/lj-cut*> but without the *s. If you have a problem with this, check LJ's FAQ or email me. Text-only posts can be any length, but if they're super-long, put those behind a cut as well so you don't stretch out the comm page and people's friends pages.

Oops: If you accidentally post un-anonymously, use the wrong email account for your Pal, or sign your name somewhere you shouldn't, first of all try and correct/delete it. If that doesn't work, email me your problem and the LJ and/or email of your Pal and I'll try and contact them to let them know "Delete such and such an email without looking at it" or whatever. If we still can't fix it, just pretend it didn't happen. Most likely your Pal won't really mind, and it won't bother them that now they know your name. Continue on as you would have.

Conduct: Crappy behavior will not be tolerated. Do not flame your SP in your journal, in the comm, or anywhere else. Such posts and comments will be deleted by me if they're in the comm, and if you make them in your own journal, I will ask you to remove them. This is all for fun, and if it stops being fun for anyone, the offending member will be asked to correct their behavior, and then booted if they still don't comply. Please don’t be mean about gifts you receive or about the person who is spoiling you. Stick to the basic rules of common courtesy you learned in Kindergarten.

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Questionnaire: Either in your journal or in this comm (or both) please fill out and post the Questionnaire found here within three days of receiving your Secret Pal. Check for your own SP's as well so you can start getting to know them, and remember to check their journal periodically to see what they're up to. Don't add them to your F-list, because then they can see you've added them.

What to Send: Since this is for knitters and crocheters, ideal gifts are needles, hooks, yarn, fiber to spin, spindles, dye, row/stitch markers, patterns, point protectors, stitch holders, bags for knitting projects and tools, etc. You can also send books (about knitting/crocheting/yarn/spinning or about anything your SP is interested in), candles, bath stuff, collages, pens, tea, coffee, CDs, anything you think your SP might like! You can send e-cards from any number of websites that offer them, emails, icons, banners, layouts or wallpapers you've made. Go ahead and give them paid LJ time if you want! Anything and everything you think your Secret Pal would enjoy or get use from, go ahead and give them.

(Please don't send any food items that are not store-bought, like candy bars or bags of cookies. I don't want to risk anyone getting ill from something that spoiled during shipping, or from inadvertently eating anything they are allergic to.)

Your Pal: Once you have been assigned someone to spoil (by February 2nd at the latest), please send them an email from your anonymous account just to say hi. If you have a good reason why you should not be paired with a specific person, email me at the address below. However, if I don't think your complaint is valid, you're stuck with that person. Please remember that you can never judge a book by its cover, and the point of this whole thing is to have fun and meet new people. If you have a bad attitude about it, you'll be booted.

If you are not happy with the person assigned to spoil you, email me with a clear and valid reason. Again, if I don't think your reason is a good one, I'll tell you nicely to suck it up for another few weeks. We all have different lives and come from different circumstances. Just because your friend is getting $20 of stuff per week while you only get the minimum $10 per month is no reason to whine. Join again the next time we do this and better luck to you. Keep in mind that they are doing the best they can, and you should be happy with what you get. Stuff is just stuff. If the bad attitude continues in emails or posts, you'll be booted.

How Often: You must send your Pal one package per month. You can spread out the $30 in little gifts every week, you can spend $10 on the first package, $5 on the next and $15 on the last, however you want to break it up. (Remember the $30 includes postage.) At least one package per month, and at least one snail-mail card or letter per month as well. That's not too hard, is it?

If there are extenuating circumstances and for some reason you absolutely cannot do one package and one card per month (a wedding, family death, finals week), please email me from your normal email and your Pal from your anon. email to let us know. If this happens more than once, I'm very sorry for your hectic life, but you'll be removed from the comm and we'll try and find a replacement.

Journals: Each member is on this community's friends page, so you can check on your SP there rather than adding them to your own journal (which would just be silly). Remember that if you post about or for SP in your own journal, to keep it public so your SP can see the entry! And now that you've (hopefully) read all the rules, the password you'll need in the comment to the Rules post is dropped stitch.

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That would be me! My name is Heather Layne. My personal journal is heatherlayne_n and my email is hngjmesa(at)yahoo(dot)com. I can be reached on Yahoo Instant Messenger on putastopperindeath. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions, suggestions, or if I've missed something here on the info page. I am able to check my email and my LJ at least once per day, usually in the evenings. I'll be gone for a full week on spring break (mid-April), and may not have internet access, but otherwise I'll be here.

I am too excited about this to not participate, so unfortunately my own Secret Pal won't be a secret. If you don't want to send to the mod, let me know on your application; I promise my feelings won't be hurt. However, I will pretend not to know who is sending me stuff, and if you are assigned me as your SP, use your anon. email and leave anon. comments if you reply to my posts to help me pretend. ^.^ I'll draw my SP from a hat (or some such) to match up, so I won't even know who I'm getting. For the rest of you, though, I'll try to match up like people, so if someone raises sheep and another person loves spinning wool yarn, they'll go together.

Please keep in mind that I've never done anything like this before, and I haven't run anything like this either. I'm a full time college student with a house and husband to keep, and I'm doing this for fun on my own time. If it stops being fun because of whining, drama, bad attitudes, or lack of interest, I'll have to let it go. I hope this will be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to LJSP2 if this first one works out!


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